Racing Pride

Celebrating the Specialist Partnership of Oracle Red Bull Racing and Racing Pride


Oracle Red Bull Racing and Racing Pride: A Dynamic Alliance

Oracle Red Bull Racing takes immense pride in its partnership with Racing Pride, an organisation dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion within the motorsport industry. This collaboration has proven to be a powerful catalyst for positive change, fostering awareness, allyship, and education across the racing community. In the last 12 months, Oracle Red Bull Racing and Racing Pride have worked together;

  1. Raising Awareness and Promoting Allyship

The collaboration has yielded some great results with Ambassadors from Racing Pride, including Richard Morris, Matt Bishop, Abbie Eaton, Sarah Moore, and others visiting the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes regularly. They have engaged with internal LGBTQ+ Inclusioneers (the Team’s Employee Resource Group) and their allies sharing their personal experiences as LGBTQ+ individuals working in motorsport. These conversations have significantly influenced the Team’s actions and commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.

  1. Empowering Red Bull Technology Group Colleagues

Building on these initial interactions, the Team has designed a thorough programme of initiatives. The primary goal is to raise awareness amongst the Red Bull Technology Group and create an even more welcoming and inclusive workplace. The programme includes:

  • ‘Pride and Allyship’ education sessions that empower employees to become effective allies and advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion.
  • Policy Alignment: Through collaboration, internal policies and communications are being guided to align with the ambition to be even more inclusive.
  1. Beyond the Campus: Engaging Fans and the Community

Oracle Red Bull Racing recognises the importance of engaging its fan base and celebrating diversity. In collaboration with Racing Pride, the Team actively welcomes LGBTQ+ community members into the Red Bull Racing family. Here’s how:

  • Australian Grand Prix Panel Discussion: During the Australian Grand Prix weekend, the Team supported a discussion panel organized at the Victorian Pride Centre aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding across diverse communities. Racing Pride, Motorsport Australia, and local charity Proud 2 Play jointly hosted the event and attendees included LGBTQ+ individuals, allies, and Oracle Red Bull Racing team members.
  • Garage Visits: The Team hosted a group of Racing Pride Ambassadors, Community Champions, and members at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. Team members attended the evening event in Austin which aimed to bring together Racing Pride’s members, friends, allies from the paddock, and supporters amongst the local community.
  • Attendees from the panel discussion were warmly welcomed into the Oracle Red Bull Racing garage, bridging the gap between the racing world and the LGBTQ+ community.  The hope is that these initiatives can extend to other Grand Prix’s and events in the coming months.
  1. Matt Drew: A Racing Pride Ambassador

Oracle Red Bull Racing employee, Matt Drew, has been invited to become a Racing Pride Ambassador. His unwavering dedication to promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion within the motorsport industry exemplifies the spirit of this partnership. Matt’s role as an advocate further strengthens the bond between both parties and was showcased at his first speaking engagement, Accelerate Pride.

  1. Accelerate Pride 2024

Racing Pride recently launched LGBT+ History Month 2024 by hosting “Accelerate Pride.” This groundbreaking automotive and motorsport industry event took place at the British Motor Museum, emphasising the importance of visibility, representation, and progress.


Joint efforts resonate loudly, and Oracle Red Bull Racing and Racing Pride stand side by side to champion diversity, education, and allyship. Both parties are looking forward to further celebrating the specialist partnership by participating in Milton Keynes PRIDE in September 2024.


Richard Morris, Racing Pride CEO & Co-Founder, said:

Racing Pride and Oracle Red Bull Racing have been working together since early 2023, and we are delighted to be continuing our relationship. Since the start of the specialist partnership there has been sincere engagement, most recently exemplified by the senior leadership team attending a recent Racing Pride workshop in Milton Keynes. It’s great to see the internal employee-led inclusion networks expand and strengthen, and that is something we have been happy to help nurture. Through external outreach the Team has helped create opportunities to engage with Racing Pride members around the globe and supported the local LGBTQ+ community through Milton Keynes Pride. I am excited for us to keep building on all of this important work together to unite the sport and industry as a whole.