Racing Pride

BWT Alpine F1 Team and Racing Pride link up for 2024

BWT Alpine F1 Team is excited to announce a renewed partnership with Racing Pride, the initiative championing LGBTQ+ inclusion through motorsport, to promote key messages and several initiatives to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

The past two years have been rich in initiatives and collaborations with workshops and events to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ allyship, working closely with Racing Pride. BWT Alpine F1 Team has welcomed Racing Pride to Enstone for events including Fan Base visits and activities surrounding Pride Month, as well as internal workshops for our team members.

Some of the most valuable events have been those that have raised awareness of LGBTQ+ issues across motorsports and have enabled BWT Alpine F1 Team to become a more inclusive place to work through active dialogue around every-day inclusion and allyship.

In February, the team played a key part in the first “Accelerate Pride” event at the start of LGBT+ History Month, where BWT Alpine F1 Team Power Platform Development Manager, and Racing Pride Ambassador, Kerrie Sparling took part in one of the panels aimed at sharing experiences and advancing inclusion across the motorsport and automotive industries.

The team will again mark Pride Month throughout the month of June. The Progress Pride Flag will be applied on the A524 at the Canadian GP for the remainder of the month, as a visible symbol of the team’s allyship to the LGBTQ+ community and in celebration of the work which is taking place within the team.

Alongside this, a series of meaningful activities and key moments in partnership with Racing Pride will take place in June and beyond both within the team internally and externally.

Bruno Famin, BWT Alpine F1 Team, Team Principal:
“This year again we are very proud to continue our partnership with Racing Pride. Working with Racing Pride is essential for enhancing diversity and inclusion initiatives in motorsports. By helping to promote LGBTQ+ representation it fosters an inclusive environment, leading to greater acceptance and support within the racing community and company-wide. We are aiming to expand on awareness, allyship and engagement whilst supporting and getting to know our LGBTQ+ community further and continuing to foster a culture of inclusion at Alpine. We look forward to a strong series of events with Racing Pride throughout 2024.”

Richard Morris, Racing Pride, CEO & Co-Founder:
“It’s fantastic to be continuing to build on our work with BWT Alpine F1 Team. Over the last two years, in collaboration with the team’s internal diversity & inclusion network, we have held a number of events and workshops which have enhanced understanding of LGBTQ+ allyship within the team and have played a role in creating an increasingly inclusive team culture. Alongside this, Alpine has been vocal and visible in its support for Pride, with striking additions to its car liveries and events to engage the community. We look forward to continuing this ongoing work throughout 2024 and to celebrating the team’s allyship both on and off-track during Pride Month.”

About Racing Pride
Racing Pride is the leading international movement to promote and champion LGBTQ+ inclusion through motorsport and the broader associated automotive industry. Launched in the UK in 2019 as the first sustained, structured initiative of its kind, Racing Pride has been crucial to starting and advancing meaningful conversations around LGBTQ+ inclusion from grassroots motorsport right up to the level of Formula One. Racing Pride is a positive movement to uplift, empower, support, and bring together LGBTQ+ people and allies as part of creating a sport and industry which is healthy, sustainable, and welcoming to everyone. Racing Pride facilitates this through its core pillars of visibility, community, and education.