Racing Pride

Ambassadors are at the heart of Racing Pride, providing visible, positive, international representation across disciplines and roles within motorsport and associated industries. Ambassadors often have significant personal platforms as well as professional experience and deep ongoing involvement within the sport and/or broader industry. Our engagement with our partners and with the media is all built on the direct lived experiences of our ambassadors.

Community Champions are representatives from among our Racing Pride Member Community who are involved within the wide motorsport and automotive landscape, whether professionally or not. Having a group of Community Champions helps to ensure that Racing Pride remains embedded within motorsport at all levels from grassroots to Grand Prix and is able to reflect, highlight, and celebrate a diverse array of talented LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our line-up of Ambassadors and Community Champions is selected by Racing Pride’s board of Directors and is reviewed annually. You can find some information about our current Ambassadors and Community Champions below.  


Richard Morris

Driver Ambassador

Sarah Moore

Driver Ambassador

Abbie Eaton

Driver Ambassador

Charlie Martin

Driver Ambassador

Casey Price

Driver Ambassador

Emilie Villa

Driver Ambassador

Zandara Kennedy

Driver Ambassador

Travis Shumake

Driver Ambassador

Tom O'Gorman

Driver Ambassador

Zach Herrin

Driver Ambassador


Krystina Emmanouilides

CFD Engineer, Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake, Industry Ambassador

Kerrie Sparling

Power Platform Development Manager, BWT Alpine F1 Team, Industry Ambassador

Carys Conlon

Lead Composites Engineer, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team, Industry Ambassador

Matt Bishop

Former Communications Director Aston Martin & McLaren F1 teams, Industry Ambassador

Claire Cottingham

Formula One Journalist, Industry Ambassador

Christian Hewgill

Presenter and F1 content creator, Industry Ambassador

Ricky Hawkins

Industry Ambassador and Chief Marshal

Robert Hambly

Track Marshal

Jon Holmes

Freelance Journalist & Media Consultant, Former Senior Editor at Sky Sports, Founder of Sports Media LGBT

Lindee Declercq

Racing Pride Membership Manager

Lucy Ball-Wood

Racing Pride Social Media Admin

Kade Matthews

Racing Pride Social Media Manager

Pauline McFerran

Digital Content / Motorsport Lead at McLaren Applied, Racing Pride Event Manager

Gareth Bouch

Director of Vroom Media, Website Manager and Design Support


Brandon Adkins

(he/him), USA: Kart Driver, Kart Track Owner & Kart Race Team Owner, Kart Sales & Race Prep Shop Owner, gay, Instagram (personal): @adkins1310, Twitter and Instagram (business): @adkinsraceway

Jessica Alexander

UK: Kart Driver

Daniel Bürgin

(he/him), Germany/Europe: freelance photographer working in karting and circuit racing, bisexual, Twitter and Instagram: @daniel_buergin

Samantha Evans

(she/her), UK: Circuit Racing Driver in Clubmans Sports Prototype, Instagram: @Sam_evans36_

Rick de Feber

(he/him), Netherlands/Europe: Circuit Racing Post Chief Marshal, gay, Instagram: @fmrick97, Twitter: @thoughtsbyrick

Matt Groom

(he/him), UK: Amateur Driver & Club Team Owner competing in BRSCC SuperSport Endurance Cup, Instagram: @conceptfourracing

Yvonne Houffelaar

(she/her), Netherlands/UK: disabled racing driver for Team BRIT & professional sim racer, Instagram: @Yvon_Houff, Twitter: @Yfjeeee, Twitch: Yvonne_Houffelaar

Jameson Jones

(he/him), USA/Canada: Road Racing Flag Marshal & Backup Starter, Instagram: @SCCAflagger2017

Toni Kelly

(she/her), Ireland: former Rally Driver and WRC Class Winner Rally Ireland 2007 & 2009, currently working in rallying media and content creation, gay, Twitter: @ToniKellyRall

Michael Klein

(he/him, they/them), USA: Driver NASCAR ARCA Menards, dirt and asphalt short track racing, asexual, Twitter and TikTok: @michaelklein10a, Instagram: @michaelkleinracing, YouTube: @MichaelKleinRacing

Alex Levi

Israel: Circuit Racing Driver in Porsche GT cars

Alice MacLachlan

(she/they), New Zealand: Kart Driver preparing for the 2023 indoor world championship, lesbian, non-binary trans woman, Instagram: @worlds_fastest_transgirl and @estrogen_and_lithium

David Nelson

(he/him), UK: Motorsport Broadcasting Editor & Data Engineer, bisexual

Caitlin Penny

(she/her), UK: Sim Racing, Commentator, YouTuber, pan/queer trans woman, Twitter: @CaitlinPennyF1, YouTube: Caitlin Penny Commentary

Luke Pullen

(he/him), UK: Circuit Racing Driver in BRSCC Mazda MX5 Championship & 2023 Racing Pride Software AG ERA Championship Scholarship Reserve Driver, gay, Instagram: @lukey_pullen

Jordan Rand

(she/her), USA/Europe: Racer - Electric Scooter Racing (eSC), bisexual, Instagram: @jordan_rand

Kristof van Reusel

Belgium: Marshal

Chris Stevens

(he/him), UK: Circuit Racing Commentator/Broadcaster & PR/Marketing Manager, bisexual, Twitter: @ChrisOnRacing, Instagram: @chrisonracing

Cammie Sturch

(she/her), UK: Graphic Artist & Former Team Fordzilla Esports Racer

Daniel Truman

(he/him), UK: Racing Driver in Mini Challenge Clubsport Championship and Race Mechanic, Instagram: @danieltrumanracing, Facebook: Daniel Truman Racing, TikTok: Daniel Truman Racing

Bea Vear

(she/her), New Zealand/Australia: Circuit Racing Driver & Australian Supercars Championship Data Engineer, lesbian, Instagram: @beavearracing, Facebook: @beavearracing

Olivia Walsh

(she/her), USA: Grassroots Drifter & Sim Drifter, Livery Designer & Event Supporter, Instagram: @Nismolivia