Racing Pride

Racing Pride Partners with British Racing & Sports Car Club

Racing Pride is excited to announce a new partnership with the British Racing & Sports Car Club (BRSCC). The BRSCC is one of the largest and best known organising clubs in British motorsport, with its portfolio spanning over 35 race meetings and 25 championships including both club race meetings and FIA sanctioned international events such as the ground-breaking new W Series and the prestigious British GT Championship.

The BRSCC’s involvement with W Series demonstrates its existing commitment to breaking down stereotypes and inequalities in motorsport. W Series is also a significant point of connection between the organisations, as two of Racing Pride’s Driver Ambassadors, Sarah Moore and Abbie Eaton, are set to contest the 2020 Championship. The BRSCC British GT Championship, too, has already shown support for Racing Pride and its objectives with the first launch activation event for Racing Pride coming at the British GT Silverstone 500 meeting in June 2019.

Building on these existing foundations, the partnership will encompass all of the championship series which BRSCC organises. A core objective will be to continue to increase visibility for LGBTQ+ people involved in motorsport and to demonstrate support for them. Racing Pride stickers will be made available to competitors at BRSCC meetings who wish to show their personal support, whether as LGBTQ+ people themselves or as allies. The BRSCC will also engage with Racing Pride and its existing partners in a project to create guidelines relating to best practice for series, teams, competitors, fans, and everyone involved in motorsport in whatever capacity, professional or otherwise, on how to be inclusive towards LGBTQ+ people.


‘We are very proud of our track record of promoting inclusivity in motorsport, but we remain aware of the importance of spreading a message of tolerance across all participants to ensure they feel welcome and fully enjoy the sport they love. I believe this partnership with Racing Pride and their team will inspire people and make a positive impact on the sport’.

BRSCC Chairman Peter Daly


‘Partnering with the BRSCC represents a great milestone and an amazing opportunity for Racing Pride. Having a relationship with the BRSCC will enable Racing Pride’s message of inclusivity and tolerance to reach thousands of participants across dozens of series. We look forward to working with the BRSCC as active partners to build on our shared commitment to breaking down stereotypes and inequalities in motorsport.’

Racing Pride Co-Founder Richard Morris