Racing Pride

BUKC Partners with Racing Pride

Racing Pride is delighted to announce that the British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) has joined our movement as an Industry Partner. The BUKC is one of the largest karting series in Britain, with hundreds of students representing dozens of Universities from all across the country competing wheel to wheel over the course of a championship season, featuring some of Britain’s premier karting venues, in a fleet of Club100 karts. The championship has a fantastic reach on social media, race events are live-streamed by Alpha Live via Facebook and Youtube, and there is even a BUKC podcast produced by Double Dash Motorsport Media.

The launch of Racing Pride’s partnership with the BUKC will come at the annual 24-hour kart race staged at Teesside Autodrome on the full international layout, which takes place on 22nd-23rd June. While it is not an official championship round and is contested using Teesside’s own fleet of twin 200cc pro-karts as opposed to Club100’s equipment, the race is in many ways the crowning event of the BUKC calendar with up to 50 teams, composed of up to 12 students each, travelling to Middlesborough for this test of endurance.

The Racing Pride logo will feature on all of the karts for the event and plans are in place to continue and strengthen this new partnership into the next full British Universities Karting Championship season. There are strong personal links between the series and Racing Pride with both Co-founders, Richard Morris and Christopher Sharp, having competed in the BUKC, for Cambridge University and King’s College London respectively.


The British Universities Karting Championship is delighted to be supporting Racing Pride. Motorsport has needed a campaign like this for a long time and it fantastic that two BUKC alumni are at the forefront of pushing this movement along. We could not be more proud of the work they are doing to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity within motorsport.

Will Tew, BUKC Founder


The BUKC formed a large part of why I enjoyed my university degree so much. It was a great to way to spend a day, or three days in the case of the 24 Hours, forgetting about any stresses in life and just racing with fellow students. I am, therefore, delighted about this partnership on a personal level and even more excited that I will be driving in the first event that this partnership covers, the 24 Hours. The BUKC’s involvement is also an important step in the growth of Racing Pride in that it is the first partnership with a karting series and it will allow us to engage with and increase our reach among the youthful, student demographic. It’s a fantastic championship and I’m looking forward to building our ongoing partnership.

Christopher Sharp, Racing Pride Co-Founder


I am delighted to welcome the British Universities Karting Championship as official Industry Partners for Racing Pride. When we launched Racing Pride to the media, Will Tew was one of the first people to message me to offer his support and discuss establishing a partnership. I can confidently say, having competed in the series for several years, that the BUKC is a fantastic championship with close, competitive racing accompanied by the highest standards of professional organisation. Importantly, it is also underpinned by core sporting values of acceptance, inclusivity, and respect. It is these shared values which make the BUKC a perfect Industry Partner for Racing Pride and we look forward to working closely with the BUKC to promote these values together.

Richard Morris, Racing Pride Co-Founder