Racing Pride

Cammie Sturch joins Racing Pride as an eSports Driver Ambassador

Today we’re pleased to announce Cammie Sturch as our first eSports Driver Ambassador. As part of this announcement here’s the story of her route to sim racing and Racing Pride.

“When I started sim racing was a hobby, something I didn’t have much time to invest in. However, when my circumstances changed drastically I decided that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. I decided to pursue a career in esports and go freelance with my graphic design and animation work.

I worked my way up to A rank in Gran Turismo Sport but became a little disillusioned by the unsportsmanlike behaviour of some participating. So, I moved to iRacing. As a newcomer with a lower licence, I chose to focus on Formula Renault 2.0, a recognised and well-respected open wheel series.

In my first season using an entry level Thrustmaster wheel, I finished 2nd in my division and 33rd in the worldwide league. Then the company I worked for closed down, so I took a season out. When 2019 rolled around, I knew I wanted to take it more seriously as I’d begun to learn of teams like Williams and Year One Racing.

The first thing I knew was that I needed a great livery with sponsorship, but I knew that the livery had to reflect who I was.

I can’t remember how I came across Racing Pride. I saw that they were newly formed, but without any esports representation. I decided to put a pitch together about who I was. I included a dozen livery examples of how their logo could work on the Formula Renault car. My ambition was to progress into a series that was streamed on YouTube/Facebook with live commentary, such as Apex Racing Online.

We came to a loose verbal agreement to run the Racing Pride logo. I would show Racing Pride in a positive light online and be successful on the track; I assured them of this with multiple Top 5 finishes.

I think we all realised the significance of what we were doing when the Instagram post of the Racing Pride livery for the Formula Renault car was announced and became one of their most liked posts up to till then. The livery had been given the all clear by Thierry Courtois and stood out against the other liveries on the grid.

In the same way that Charlie Martin has acted as a role model for transwomen in motorsport so do I want to do the same in the world of esports. Now, having been picked up by Fordzilla, that goal is coming true. Esports is a diverse industry with a low cost of entry open to everyone. It will undoubtedly have its share of LGBTQ+ people. I want to make sure they see themselves represented at the very top-flight of esports racing.”