Racing Pride


Brandon Adkins

(he/him), USA: Kart Driver, Kart Track Owner & Kart Race Team Owner, Kart Sales & Race Prep Shop Owner, gay, Instagram (personal): @adkins1310, Twitter and Instagram (business): @adkinsraceway

Jessica Alexander

UK: Kart Driver

Daniel Bürgin

(he/him), Germany/Europe: freelance photographer working in karting and circuit racing, bisexual, Twitter and Instagram: @daniel_buergin

Samantha Evans

(she/her), UK: Circuit Racing Driver in Clubmans Sports Prototype, Instagram: @Sam_evans36_

Rick de Feber

(he/him), Netherlands/Europe: Circuit Racing Post Chief Marshal, gay, Instagram: @fmrick97, Twitter: @thoughtsbyrick

Matt Groom

(he/him), UK: Amateur Driver & Club Team Owner competing in BRSCC SuperSport Endurance Cup, Instagram: @conceptfourracing

Yvonne Houffelaar

(she/her), Netherlands/UK: disabled racing driver for Team BRIT & professional sim racer, Instagram: @Yvon_Houff, Twitter: @Yfjeeee, Twitch: Yvonne_Houffelaar

Jameson Jones

(he/him), USA/Canada: Road Racing Flag Marshal & Backup Starter, Instagram: @SCCAflagger2017

Toni Kelly

(she/her), Ireland: former Rally Driver and WRC Class Winner Rally Ireland 2007 & 2009, currently working in rallying media and content creation, gay, Twitter: @ToniKellyRall

Michael Klein

(he/him, they/them), USA: Driver NASCAR ARCA Menards, dirt and asphalt short track racing, asexual, Twitter and TikTok: @michaelklein10a, Instagram: @michaelkleinracing, YouTube: @MichaelKleinRacing

Alex Levi

Israel: Circuit Racing Driver in Porsche GT cars

Alice MacLachlan

(she/they), New Zealand: Kart Driver preparing for the 2023 indoor world championship, lesbian, non-binary trans woman, Instagram: @worlds_fastest_transgirl and @estrogen_and_lithium

David Nelson

(he/him), UK: Motorsport Broadcasting Editor & Data Engineer, bisexual

Caitlin Penny

(she/her), UK: Sim Racing, Commentator, YouTuber, pan/queer trans woman, Twitter: @CaitlinPennyF1, YouTube: Caitlin Penny Commentary

Luke Pullen

(he/him), UK: Circuit Racing Driver in BRSCC Mazda MX5 Championship & 2023 Racing Pride Software AG ERA Championship Scholarship Reserve Driver, gay, Instagram: @lukey_pullen

Jordan Rand

(she/her), USA/Europe: Racer - Electric Scooter Racing (eSC), bisexual, Instagram: @jordan_rand

Kristof van Reusel

Belgium: Marshal

Chris Stevens

(he/him), UK: Circuit Racing Commentator/Broadcaster & PR/Marketing Manager, bisexual, Twitter: @ChrisOnRacing, Instagram: @chrisonracing

Cammie Sturch

(she/her), UK: Graphic Artist & Former Team Fordzilla Esports Racer

Daniel Truman

(he/him), UK: Racing Driver in Mini Challenge Clubsport Championship and Race Mechanic, Instagram: @danieltrumanracing, Facebook: Daniel Truman Racing, TikTok: Daniel Truman Racing

Bea Vear

(she/her), New Zealand/Australia: Circuit Racing Driver & Australian Supercars Championship Data Engineer, lesbian, Instagram: @beavearracing, Facebook: @beavearracing

Olivia Walsh

(she/her), USA: Grassroots Drifter & Sim Drifter, Livery Designer & Event Supporter, Instagram: @Nismolivia