Racing Pride

About Me.

Racing Pride represents an increasingly diverse motorsport family, and will no doubt inspire the next generation of drivers, engineers, mechanics and those in other roles to both live their truth and achieve their dreams.


Jon Holmes is Home Page Editor at Sky Sports, where he also leads on their support for Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign for LGBT+ inclusion in sport as a member of Team Pride.

In November 2017, he founded the network group Sports Media LGBT+ to raise awareness around inclusion in the industry, and to advocate for all LGBT+ people involved in sport.

Since starting up 18 months ago, Sports Media LGBT+ has been working on collaborations and partnerships, and talking about the impact that LGBT+ networks could have in the sports industry. We therefore welcome the launch of Racing Pride, whose message – to drive forwards together in motorsport with authenticity and confidence, whether you are LGBT or not – is both positive and powerful. For those of us working in the media, we have a responsibility to share stories accurately with a wide audience, who want to see themselves reflected in the sport that they love and empathise with their heroes and heroines.

Sports Media LGBT+