Racing Pride

Racing Pride launches partnership with Brooklands Museum

Racing Pride has launched a new partnership with Brooklands Museum. Opened in 1907, Brooklands Circuit was the first purpose-built motor racing circuit in the world. Brooklands was the cradle of British innovation and endeavour in the worlds of motorsport and aviation. Today Brooklands Museum celebrates the passion, bravery and inventiveness of those who designed, built, raced and flew machines like the ones in our Collection, on this historic site, throughout the twentieth century.

As the basis for this partnership, Brooklands Museum has made the following commitments to LGBTQ+ inclusion:

  • We will record and represent LGBTQ+ histories in our collection, including in object documentation, exhibit interpretation, and our publications.
  • We will use inclusive language in all internal and external communication and content.
  • We will make all efforts to diversify our workforce. We have developed our organisational culture and encourage everyone to be their complete self at the Museum. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training materials will be part of all Trustee, Staff and Volunteer induction packs.
  • We will work with Racing Pride to deliver the above commitments appropriately and empathetically.


Racing Pride Co-Founder Richard Morris said: “Brooklands is a unique site within motorsport. It is a place of pioneers and innovation, of change and evolution, which bonds people and generations together through a shared enthusiasm. This partnership, therefore, represents a fantastic opportunity for Racing Pride to amplify LGBTQ+ stories and voices within that rich heritage and to engage and inspire visitors through its message of inclusion. We are excited to reach new audiences together with Brooklands, and to show that anybody, of any gender identity or gender expression, and of any sexuality, is welcome within, and can shape the future of, motorsport.”

In an official statement launching the partnership, Brooklands Museum added: “At Brooklands Museum, we aim to inspire people to shape the future through Brooklands’ history of innovation and endeavour. We believe every visitor, supporter and colleague deserves to be themselves and see themselves represented in all areas of our work – from the stories we tell, to the people we work with, staff and volunteers.”

To celebrate the launch this partnership, Racing Pride ambassadors Richard Morris and Cammie Sturch attended the recent Brooklands Relived event which marked 95 years since the first British Grand Prix was held at Brooklands. Cammie, our eSports ambassador, set a target lap-time and gave coaching through the day in the on-site simulator, found in the Jackson Shed. Over 100 people passed through the simulator and although none could better Cammie’s time, the fastest was awarded a prize. Richard, meanwhile, presented a number of prizes to visitors ahead of the practice start demonstrations from historic cars held on the old start/finish straight, including a signed print of his Praga R1 race car in the colours of the Progress Pride flag. Racing Pride looks forward to working closely with Brooklands into the future.