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Spotlight: Formula Woman winner Laura Farrow opens up

From karting to winning races in under a year, Laura Christine Farrow has had her life flipped upside down after winning the 2024 Formula Woman competition on her first entry. Shayni Solanki spoke with the classic car enthusiast about her first steps in motorsport, plans for the future, and her lovely girlfriend Beth.

It’s been a little under a year since Farrow first stepped into a go-kart. Her natural talent and speed drove her towards the frontlines where she won the first competition she ever entered. Even better, her girlfriend was also in the field to share this step of her journey.

She credits her love for motorsport to her grandad, sharing fond moments with him riding around in his classic Morgan 4/4. Racing hill climbs across the country and Europe, her grandad passed down his enthusiasm for racing.

Farrow said: “I was really close with my grandad. For as long as I can remember we would always go to Morgan events and travel around the UK to different motorsport events.

“If we weren’t out doing that, I was over at my grandad’s house tinkering and learning about cars in the garage. We’ve always been a car-oriented family, my parents always had sporty cars.”

Before officially competing, Laura drove her inherited Morgan around the Castle Combe Race Circuit as part of the Morgan Sports Car Club. She first began go-karting once a month when she met her girlfriend, Beth.

Farrow shared: “We instantly got along so well because we had so many of the same interests. We’re both active, sporty, and very, very, very competitive

“She motivated me and helped me to get to where I am right now. Beth has been a massive part of this journey and now that I’ve got this opportunity to pursue motorsport, and it’s all kind of thanks to her.”

The only reason Farrow entered the Formula Woman competition was because of her girlfriend, she says. Beth had it all ready to go; flights, hotels, and drives were sorted for herself. All Farrow had to do was come along.

Farrow explained: “Beth was like, ‘As much as I really don’t want to get you to do it because I think you’re a better driver and I don’t want to invite you to a competition that you will probably beat me, I feel like I need to invite you because you’ll do so well.”

Entering the two-day competition, she said they both saw it as a fun trip with a bit of racing on the side. There was no pressure and certainly no expectation to come out on top. Farrow continued: “I literally just went into it and was myself, we both had a fun time and soaked up the atmosphere.

“It didn’t feel like we were against each other, to be honest, we were hyping each other up and supporting each other the whole way through. It was just nice being able to do the whole experience together.”

Farrow insists she wouldn’t have won without Beth, as her girlfriend has pushed her beyond her imagination. Beth is a personal trainer who plays canoe polo for Great Britain, so she’s a pro in her own right. In 2019, Farrow broke her hip. Five surgeries later, she had a hip replacement in 2021.

The Formula Woman winner explained: “Since meeting Beth, I’ve found my feet. She got me back into training. It’s nice that we share a passion but it’s also good to have things we can aim for individually and hype each other up for.”

During the Formula Woman competition, Farrow says that they were so bubbly together that people thought they were lifelong friends. “Everyone was just loving mine and Beth’s relationship,” she shared. “We bounce off each other, and we’re generally quite ‘out there’ and always up for a laugh.

“It was just so nice and warm to have that support. I love that we’re in an age where I can feel like I can be myself. It’s great to be in a place where it is more supportive and understanding. I feel the support I’m getting from everyone and my social media is blowing up.”

Farrow took her one shot with all its glory and won the competition. Now she’s secured a drive with RJ Motorsport’s team to drive a Radical SR3, fully sponsored by Formula Woman.

“I’m so humbled by it. I didn’t expect it to come out of it winning,” Farrow shared. “I’m ready to tackle it head-on and just grab it with both hands and try. I have so much drive and determination that I don’t stop until I get where I want to be, so I’m really excited about this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m nervous but I’m excited.”

With her first race in May at Silverstone, she has a lot to do. From seat fittings to getting her racing license, Farrow’s life has flipped upside down. She explained: “I’ve got to get my racing licence, a suit, gloves, boots, and everything and get some training time in. So it’s gone from zero to 100 so quickly, it’s so overwhelming but it’s so exciting.”

We wish her, and Beth, too, the best of luck on their motorsport adventures!